We offer rental of Plettac Kombi SL 70 / SL 100 scaffolding. It is an economic frame scaffolding system suitable for universal purposes. The scaffolding has proved itself in many different types of works, and it is one of the most commonly used scaffolding systems in Europe.

Considerable savings on effort costs

The universal scaffolding system Plettac kombi SL 70 / SL 100 can be readily and easily erected around different building structures, even if the configuration seems to be difficult. It is possible for one person to assemble the scaffolding over the structure sized from 70 to 250m2 in a day. Due to the combination of speed, comfort of assembly and dismantlement processes you will make savings on the costs of construction.

Outstanding efficiency

Due to the fact that plettac scaffolding system offers a wide range of additional equipment, it is possible to set up the scaffolding around the most complex and irregular structures. The combination of speed, comfort of assembly and dismantlement processes, as well as security and flexibility make SL 70 one of the most efficient scaffolding systems. The scaffolding can be set up with the flexibility of traditional tube scaffoldings, but it offers additional advantages of modern fast-assembly scaffoldings such as cost-efficiency and technical safety.

Compliance with European requirements

Versatile scaffolding plettac Kombi SL 70 / SL 100 complies with the directive EEC HD 1000 and, in consequence, it can be used all over Europe. Versatile scaffolding plettac Kombi SL 70 / SL 100 can be successfully used on every construction site and there is no need to pay for an expensive individual approval. The scaffolding meets the strict requirements of German professional associations and was granted the design type approval by the German Institute for Structural Engineering in Berlin.

Faster and easier assembly due to ultralight aluminium scaffolding

Aluminium version of scaffolding enables faster and easier assembly. It is twice as light as the steel version, which greatly enhances transport and assembly.

The main advantages of SL 70 / SL 100 scaffolding are:

  • quick, safe and easy assembly due to the plettac solutions;

  • self-locking swivel pins;

  • choice of aluminium, steel or wood;

  • closed section which results in superior stability;

  • easy assembly of joints;

  • non-slip platform security;

  • optimum adjustment to various constructions due to different length of platforms;

  • long-life hot-galvanized components;

  • convenient transport and storage;

  • With versatile scaffolding Kombi SL 70 / SL 100 it is possible to set up scaffoldings around buildings of various shapes.

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